When purchasing your ticket, you can select either a 'Period Return' or 'Day Return'. With a Day Return, the outbound and return journey must be made on the same day. For a Period Return, the return journey must be within 28 days of the outbound journey.

    We recommend that you visit to reserve your seat and guarantee the best prices. Tickets are available from the driver but are sold subject to space being available.

    For Bank Holiday services, please check the timetable shown under 'Routes & Timetables' on the website. Further information can also be found on our RailAir Facebook and Twitter pages.

    RailAir accepts a maximum of two pieces of luggage per person (up to 30kg each) free of charge to be carried in the luggage compartment of the coach. Additional bags/cases for hold luggage to be charged individually at £5 per item payable at the time of booking. Any item that cannot be lifted easily in and out of the coach's under-floor compartment by our member of staff may be refused on grounds of safety at the driver's discretion. Sharp objects should be covered and bicycles will be accepted so long as they are suitably packaged (wrapped or boxed) to prevent damage to other passenger property. In addition to the hold luggage, you may take one piece of soft hand luggage onto the coach (max 10kg) and this can be stored either under a seat or in the overhead compartment.

    At the driver's discretion, RailAir will aim to accommodate your booking if you are running late through no fault of your own. However, customers with bookings for a specific departure would be given priority, and you may have to wait for a later service. 

    If you purchase the Flexi-book add-on at the time of purchase, then you can change your booking should your plans change in advance, otherwise your booking is non-amendable and non-refundable.

    No, ENCTS Concessionary bus passes are not accepted on our RailAir coach services.

    Bookings & Tickets

    Tickets are available on-board. However, for the best prices we recommend that you purchase your ticket in advance from our website to guarantee your seat booking.

    When you have completed your booking, in a few moments the tickets for your outbound and return journeys will be emailed, along with a receipt. This email will have your journey details as well as your unique booking reference number. Please print out your e-ticket or present it on your mobile device when boarding. Please ensure the QR Code is visible as the driver will need to scan this.


    Bookings are not amendable unless you have purchased the Flexi-book add-on at the time of purchase. At the driver's discretion, subject to seat being available, we would attempt to accommodate late arrivals and missed connections.

    Yes, offers reduced prices for Railcard holders. Please bring your Railcard with you when you travel with us. To purchase a Railcard, please visit

    28 Day Season tickets are available from and can be found under 'Book Tickets' > 'Season Tickets'. Season tickets are valid on specified route for one in each direction each day for the period of validity. The start date must be specified on purchase.

    No, BritRail Passes are not accepted on our RailAir coach services.

    On booking, you will receive an email containing your tickets, booking reference number and a receipt. We do not provide tax receipts for our online e-tickets as VAT is not applicable on RailAir coach services.

    Early Bird tickets at a special discount can be purchased a minimum of 2 calendar months in advance of travel. These tickets are non-refundable. Tickets can only be amendable if you purchase the flexi-book add-on at the time of purchase. If you did purchase flexi-book add-on, then simply sign in into your account to select and amend your booking.

    Firstly, please check your spam/junk folder(In Gmail, please check the promotion folder). If your email has not been received and you have created an account, please log in on the website, select Manage My Bookings, select the booking, and download a PDF of your tickets. If you cannot find your email, please use the 'Contact Us' option under 'Help' and complete the form so that we can provide assistance. If travelling at short notice, please call our Operations Team on 07989 186581 for advice.


    The Flexi-book Add On allows you to change the date and/or time of departure on the route you have booked up to 30 days either side of your original booking.

    FlexiBook offers you great peace of mind through control of your booking. Should any changes occur in your schedule, you can amend your booking accordingly online.

    Bookings cannot be changed unless the FlexiBook Add On is purchased at the time of booking. Changes must be made 1 hour before the time & date of travel in the original booking. If the fare is different than the original fare purchased, you will have to pay the fare difference when changing your booking.

    No, the change can only be made to dates and times on the original route/service you have booked. All changes are subject to availability on your required journey.

    To amend your booking, you will need to have created a RailAir account. you must log into your account and click amend my booking - then just select your new journey time and date and a new email confirming your changes will be sent to your email address.

    The journey can only be changed up to 30 days either side of your original booking.

    Changes can be made up to 1 hour before the original journey departure time (e.g. if you wish to change from a stop midway through a service- the window for changes is one hour prior to the first stop on that route and not the time of departure for the subsequent stops on that service)

    No, all add ons must be purchased at the time of booking your original journey.

    No, FlexiBook is only available when booking online.

    No, all purchases are non-refundable

    No, all purchases are non-refundable.


    Yes, on all of our coaches.

    All of our coaches are equipped to carry one person using a wheelchair at a time. We recommend that you visit to reserve your seat and guarantee the best prices. Tickets are available from the driver but are sold subject to space being available. Please contact us on 07989 186581 if you would like more information before travelling.

    Yes, your wheelchair will be safely secured in the vehicle, allowing you to remain in the wheelchair for the duration of the journey.

    Yes, offers reduced prices for Railcard holders, including the Disabled Persons Railcard. Please bring your Railcard with you when you travel with us.

    To purchase a Railcard please visit

    Yes, all these stations are wheelchair accessible. For further details and phone numbers to arrange assistance, please visit

    Yes, providing you can safely get into a seat or have a helper with you who can provide assistance if needed. Your wheelchair must fold away neatly and be able to be stored safely in the luggage hold below. Please be aware that owners of larger wheelchairs, particularly motorised wheelchairs should check before booking that we can accommodate your wheelchair type by calling RailAir on 07989 186581

    We accept standard and motorised wheelchairs. This is to ensure that it is safe to operate the wheelchair access lift and that the wheelchair can be safely positioned on the coach. The combined weight of the customer and the wheelchair must not exceed the maximum weight capacity of the wheelchair lift (max. 300kg). Unfortunately we are unable to accept mobility scooters on these services. 


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