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Where to Board at Heathrow

Changes to pick-up points at Heathrow Airport coaches from Heathrow to Reading only pick-up passengers at Heathrow Central Bus Station (stands 6-15a) and Terminal 5 (stop 9). Passengers from Heathrow Terminal 4 can use the free connections to reach Central Bus Station or Terminal 5. Coaches from Reading to Heathrow set-down passengers outside the doors of Terminal 5, 1 and 3.


Terminal 1

We have been informed by Heathrow Airport that there are plans to close the departures forecourt at Terminal 1.

Because of the closure, changes will be made to Railair services to and from Reading.  Passengers using Terminal 1 will now alight from and board Railair coaches at Heathrow’s Central Bus station which is a short walk from the terminal.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to your outbound and inward journeys to the airport. We shall be issuing revised Railair timetables to reflect these changes.

Terminal 2

Follow signs for Underground and Buses, then take the lift or escalator down to access the below-surface subway link.

Terminal 3

Follow signs for Underground and Central Bus Station, taking the ramp or stairs to access the below-surface subway link.

Terminal 4

Use the FREE Heathrow Express shuttle service. Travel in the carriages at the rear of the train and alight at Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Follow signs for Terminals 2 and 3 but as soon as you see signs for buses and underground follow these instead. Alternatively, you can use bus routes 482 and 490 from Terminal 4 to Terminal 5, which run up to 8 times an hour and are free to use (make sure the bus is heading towards Terminal 5 before you board).

Terminal 5

Follow signs for Local Buses upon exiting arrivals. If you do not already have a ticket, these can be purchased from the National Express Sales Desk which is located inside the Terminal building (turn left out of arrivals) opposite Costa Coffee. You will find stand 9 by exiting the terminal building opposite the National Express Sales desk.


Click here to download a PDF of how to get to the stops at Heathrow Airport. Coaches serve stands 6-15a in the Central Bus Station and stand 9 at Terminal 5. Ticket facilities are available and passengers should ensure they have a valid ticket before boarding the coach.

Where to board at Heathrow

Follow signs for Underground and Buses, then take the lift or escalator down to access the below-surface subway link.